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About Us

TK Electricians Singapore believes in providing quality electrical services by combining skills and experiences together to produce optimum results. Our expert electricians are proficient in catering to your technical issues. We hold ourselves to high standards so that we continue to produce highly satisfactory work for our clients.

Our Services

We are the preferred one-stop shop for all things electrical related. Whether you are doing a complete overhaul or incremental work, TK electricians is the preferred provider for your electrical needs.

To keep an electrical system functional and reliable, we focused on the intended application. We design for elements that are essential, and resent inefficiencies. Every project is unique, and every design is customized. We strive to create long-term value by guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

The core principles behind harnessing electricity to operate a luminous bulb has not changed since its invention. Yet, shoddy workmanship abounds even for a task as mundane as electrical wiring for your favorite lamp. You don’t see electricity (usually!), yet you feel its effects when bad wiring causes unwanted electrical trips. TK Electricians work hard to ensure end user safety and creating long-term value through durability of your systems.

We have a rich culture and diversity in our work culture. All of our team members strictly adhere our code of conduct which emphasizes professionalism, integrity, superior technical skills, and having our clients’ best interests in mind. Our commitment to our clients include the following:

  • Trained & Proficient Electricians

    By adhering strict quality standards, our highly trained and experienced electricians ensure quality electrical services that are customized to clients’ needs

  • Prioritize Client’s Safety

    Client’s safety, as well as personal safety, is always a top priority for our electricians. On top of that, they have proper training to manage dangerous circumstances in the most effective manner.

  • Quality Assurance

    Our services are value-for-money. In case of any outstanding issues, TK Electricians makes a commitment to resolve the issue before an agreed upon deadline. We are sincere and passionate in our work and we want you to know it. We pride ourselves in having 100% customer satisfaction since our inception.

TK Electricians is committed to quality, safety, and reliability. At TK Electricians, We adhere to all safety guidelines and meet local safety regulations when it comes to deploying our electrical services

We Specialize In:

Commercial Electrical services

Commercial electrical contracts require top-of-line expertise that is more complex than typical home electrical repairs. The quality and reliability of electrical work is fundamental to your business, having an effect on your overall function and potential profits.

Residential Electrical services

From any electrical emergency to a regular electrical maintenance work, it is crucial to have your electricity fault diagnosed before it becomes severe and unresolvable. Our electricians look forward to provide you with the same high level of quality that TK Electricians Singapore is reputed for.

Our Work Ethics:


  • We put our clients interest first and foremost – always
  • We are big on communication and frequent dialogues to achieving the optimum outcome
  • We put ourselves in your shoes and provide advice on the best solution


  • We are committed to fulfilling your electrical requirements
  • We will provide and dispense advice as appropriate
  • We do not disclose any private details of our customers
  • We do not compromise on safety standards

Our team of skilled electrical engineers possess technical expertise and a strong sense of environmental awareness. We strive to provide clients with environmentally sustainable, world-class designs and expert electrical engineering, throughout the entire phase of a project.

Why should you trust us?

    Our wealth of experience means we quickly and accurately diagnose problem areas, and can provide quality, cost-efficient solutions.

    Our well-qualified and reputed electricians in Singapore are always at your service.

    It is our commitment to provide honest, efficient, and highly skilled electrical services at an affordable and competitive price for all of your electrical maintenance, testing, and power engineering needs.

Need an electrical Fix? Give us a call!

You can book the most reliable and affordable electrical company in Singapore for quality services. Contact our electricians Singapore to rectify any electricity faults in your home and business.

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